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9148 Scotland Ave.

Open T-F 11a-7p
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Out of the BOX Center’s Philosophy:

To support the LGBTQ+ community through providing safe spaces for fellowship, education, and awareness by developing programs and activities that empower individuals to focus on their Holistic Health by offering supportive and linkage services.


Out of the Box (OTB) is a myriad of programs that are designed to enlighten, empower, and encourage individuals to focus on their Holistic Health and Wellness. OTB was created for and by the community to address the individual and collective holistic health needs. Each program under the OTB umbrella addresses the issues that we LGBTQ+ individuals need to enhance our quality of life.

OTB programming includes:


OTB Discussions

Which is a peer-based and led discussion forum to communicate with each other on situations and topics that occur daily regarding holistic health. Phase 1 Man in the Mirror. Phase 2 Young, Black, and Successful. Phase 3 Demasking.


OTB Health Champions

This is a peer-led project to educate young Black men in Baton Rouge about the different strategies used to prevent HIV-specifically PrEP.


OTB Bayou Awareness Pageant

Which is an annual pageant held for the community to come to compete, spectate, and share talents with each other in the name of awareness. This platform enables our “community celebrities” to reach their peers with awareness information regarding their holistic health needs.


OTB Safe Space

This was a pilot to understand how to create safe spaces for the community to retreat to escape certain realities of life, to recharge, and to be among peers all while getting valuable information and services.


OTB Mentors of Color

Which started as an advisory board of peers that evolved to peers obtaining certifications in clinical interventions that are the same for healthcare providers and advocates. This allows peers to have the insightful knowledge to disseminate vital information to peers that may otherwise get lost in translation between public health officials. Participants are also sent to testing and counseling training with the state to obtain that skill set as well.


OTB Social Media Campaign

This allows individuals to personalize holistic health concerns in ways that directly benefit themselves to encourage others to become aware of the issues as well. Peers will share materials, educate themselves and seek assistance when necessary more often when their friends are a part of the messaging.


OTB Retreat

Which encompasses all the yearlong discussion topics from the discussion component and each of its phases into 1 weekend. This allows individuals that missed sessions, wanted to revisit sessions a chance to come together with others during the weekend stay at a local hotel. We provide them with room and board, meals, gifts, and more importantly provides a safe space and opportunity to decompress from daily trials to some that may never take a vacation to unwind.


OTB Prevention Mixer

Which is an annual mixer that focuses on mixing and mingling with both peers and public health advocates and organizations to obtain the latest prevention strategies and practices. This allows a safe space to be created that focuses on U=U and PrEP information in a fun relaxing manner that allows peers opportunities to display their talents through art, music, and dance.


All these various interventions were birthed from having holistic health discussions and learning to not only listen to each other but to take what we heard and design programs to address and identify the specific concerns and needs. To OTB meeting the community where they are is not just a statement, it is a practice...

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Professional Development


-Resume Building

-Leadership Development


Personal Development

-Wellness: Mental/Physical Health



-Creative Expressions

-Social Justice

-Intergenerational Youth

-Adulting and Aging

-Understanding Stigma

-Supportive Services

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